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May Top 10 Track List

Ok, so anyone that knows me personally, knows that one of my favorite things about traveling is learning about new music from different countries. I recently wrapped up my first European mini-tour and came across a lot of really dope music that I, as an American / native English speaker, have never heard before. So… This months Top 10 is dedicated to “foreign” music both new and a bit older… And like last month, I really couldn’t narrow it down to 10… So, here is my Top 11 for May (in no specific order). Enjoy!

  1. Shindy - Affalterbach

  2. RIN - Dior 2001

  3. Summer Cem, Bausa - Casanova

  4. KC Rebell ft Summer Cem, Capital Bra - DNA

  5. Capital Bra ft Juju - Melodien

  6. Veysel - Habibo

  7. Shirin David - Gib Ihm

  8. Mero - Hobby Hobby

  9. Versano Laroz, MC V.E.G.A - Muy Caliente

  10. Puri, Jhorrmountain, Adje - Coño (Original Mix)

  11. Aya Nakamura - Djadja